Gary Rough - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. . . (2 stars)

Gary Rough - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. . .

Photography | Ruth Clark

Meshing of conceptual ideas that leaves no lasting impression

Running at Sorcha Dallas for the next month is Gary Rough’s latest Glasgow exhibition Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc…, a meshing of two conceptual ideas, the ongoing collection of 1,984 copies of George Orwell’s classic, 1984, and the attempted skewing of repetitive, hand-drawn patterns. All the works were made during a month-long residency within the gallery while it was closed for the summer.

In the main space, raised bookshelves, made from reclaimed timber, look down on the viewer, suggestively out of reach. The shelves contain only a few copies, not quite 1,000 yet, though supposedly he has collected ‘several hundred’ at this time. His collection is quietly driven by the plot device from Orwell’s novel: ‘The Book’ falling into the protagonist’s hands.

Next door to this minimal display is a group of medium-sized blue biro pen drawings with wall paintings above, each referencing a harlequin pattern or warped chessboard. The concept behind each piece is the ‘psychological resistance’ that comes from trying to purposefully force mistakes while drawing the pattern. It leaves no lasting impression and, sadly, looks like a collection of high school still lifes of towels close-up.

Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, 0141 553 2662, until 7 Oct, free.

Gary Rough: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc …

  • 2 stars

Work emerging from a five-week period of residency at the gallery, including a series of 'failed patterns'.

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