Kelly's X Factor auditions interrupted by jet skiers

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 September 2011
Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

Police had to be called to Kelly Rowland's Miami Beach home after jet skiers disrupted filming of 'The X Factor' as the former Destiny's Child singer was choosing her final four acts

Police had to be called to Kelly Rowland's Miami Beach home after jet ski riders disrupted filming of 'The X Factor'.

The former Destiny's Child singer was in Florida for the Judges' Houses stage of the ITV1 show but shooting was brought to a standstill because on both days the group revved up and down by her waterside mansion.

The noise from the roaring motors drowned everyone out and Kelly, 30, was struggling to give the news to her eight female hopefuls.

So producers called the police as they were worried they wouldn't finish filming on time.

Host Dermot O'Leary said: "One guy was doing it on purpose. He kept waving and we had to call the police and eventually he left.

The cops are like Miami Vice, and they sorted it out. We did have to stop filming for a while though."

Kelly - who was joined by Jennifer Hudson to help whittle down her contestants to the final four - is taking her role as a judge very seriously and has given her contestants with a sex and booze ban.

She said: "There will be absolutely no alcohol, no smoking, no talking loud in clubs.

"I will be like, 'Don't let anybody knock you off your focus or you will lose everything.' "

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