Heavy Gossip and Ultragroove join forces

Heavy Gossip and Ultragroove join forces

Gareth Sommerville

DJs Nick Yuill and Gareth Sommerville discuss the past and future of the Edinburgh house nights

As two of Edinburgh’s best house clubs join forces we chat to Heavy Gossip and Ultragroove to find out why and what they’ve got in store for us.

Nick Yuill (Heavy Gossip)

‘Myself, [promoter] Paul [Cunningham] and Gareth [Sommerville] first got together to discuss doing one-off events and we realised we had the exact same aims and goals and it kind of rumbled on from there.

‘My first club gig DJing was at Ultragroove, I’ve played there about 20 times so we all knew each other and respected each other in terms of the parties we threw and Gareth’s a phenomenal DJ as well. What Ultragroove brings is a seasoned experience to clubbing, whereas Heavy Gossip, while very serious about our love of music, offers a more light-hearted approach. One of our biggest assets is having 6th Borough Project’s Craig Smith on board as resident alongside myself. Craig is completely on point at the moment in terms of production and his DJ skills.

‘I hope people understand quite how excited we are about it, we didn’t need to merge them together other than our own excitement at the possibilities.’

Gareth Sommerville (Ultragroove)

‘I loved that at Heavy Gossip they could play a deep house record next to a disco record, something more soulful mixed with something more out there but make it a coherent dancefloor experience and I’ve been really impressed with the guest DJs they’ve booked over the last year.

‘It’s that idea of something being greater than the sum of its parts, Ultragroove’s got a really strong back-story that goes back almost 12 years, Heavy Gossip has just been smashing it the past 12 months. Musically both Nick and Craig [Smith] are really good DJs and I’m half decent as well [laughs] so the resident line-up is really really strong.

‘For our opening night we have Rahaan, a Chicago native who’s got a huge disco collection and great technical skills and knows how to rock a party. Downstairs Tony Lionni from Freerange Records plays melodic deep house, someone who both myself and the Heavy Gossip guys have had an eye on for a while. It’s a good summation of what both clubs stand for and it’s a good starting point for what we have planned in the future.’

The Green Room, Edinburgh, Sat 24 Sep.

Rahaan mix

Tony Lionni mix

Heavy Gossip & Ultragroove

Two of Edinburgh's best house nights merge into one almighty celebration of disco beats.

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