Neighbourhood Watch: Tollcross, Edinburgh

Neighbourhood Watch: Tollcross, Edinburgh

A rough guide to the West End/Southside neighbourhood

What’s it like?
Nice and old. Flats are mostly Victorian tenements, with Napier University setting some students loose in three halls of residence in the area. Aside from the youths, there are plenty of places to get sweet eats, indie shops and good bars.

Where’s it, like?
On the south-west of the city centre, with the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links relatively nearby. The ‘toll’ part of the name comes from ye olden days, when travellers would have to pay at that point to enter the city. Look out for the old iron pillar clock in front of Lauriston Place, which marks the traditional crossroads.

Who’s from there?
Some argue that Bafta and Perrier award-winner Dylan Moran lives on the cusp of Tollcross and Bruntsfield, just to the south. Insert your own Black Books reference here.

Why would I go there?
Options for activities are almost endless. For films, there’s the Cameo and Filmhouse. For boozing, there’s Brauhaus, Cloisters, The Illicit Still and Lebowski’s. Café Ruby offers some sweet piano jazz. Two Thin Laddies offers an affordable caffeine fix, while Adele’s specialises in gluten-free stuff for coeliacs. Illegal Jack's and The Apartment are tasty for food. Soul Cycles sell refurbished bikes on the cheap for the fixie addicts among you, and Lupe Pinto’s is a wonderful little Latin American deli.

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