Doctor Who 'time twist' for Amy

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  • 10 September 2011
Doctor Who star Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith has revealed a big ''time twist'' will have repercussions for The Doctor's companion Amy Pond in 'Doctor Who' tonight (10.09.11)

Matt Smith says 'Doctor Who' fans can expect to a big "time twist" in tonight's episode.

The actor - who plays the titular Time Lord in the sci-fi series - has revealed there is an intriguing plot development which results in his companion Amy Pond existing as two people in 'The Girl Who Waited'.

He told BANG Showbiz: "In Tom McRae's episode we see Amy Pond go on a very interesting adventure. There's this thing called a handbot and it's about time and there's a whole time twist in it but gives Karen the platform to be very brilliant acting-wise and wear a prosthetic."

Matt insists the rest of the autumn run of 'Doctor Who' is going to both excite viewers and baffle them in equal measure and it's all done to the genius of showrunner Steven Moffat.

He added: "I think Steven has such a clear take on the show and The Doctor - that's the benefit of having a brilliant writer, he's got such a clear and inventive vision things.

"Regarding The Doctor, I'd like to think Steven's seen elements of me and is weaving them into his writing. It's a collaboration in the best sense of the word but make no mistake about it: he's the boss!"

'The Girl Who Waited' will air at 7.15pm on BBC One this Saturday (10.09.11).

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