Kerry Katona enjoys birthday striptease on CBB

Paddy, Bobby, Lucien and Darryn performed a striptease for Kerry to help her celebrate her 31st birthday in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house yesterday (07.09.11)

Kerry Katona entering the Big Brother house last night (18.08.11)

Kerry Katona

Paddy, Bobby, Lucien and Darryn performed a striptease for Kerry to celebrate her birthday in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The mother-of-four turned 31 yesterday (07.09.11) and as a treat some of her male housemates decided to do a 'Full Monty' routine.

Lucien told Big Brother: "Her spirits need lifting."

After getting changed into a glamorous outfit, Kerry sat in a single chair in the garden and waited for the boys to come out.

When Amy asked where she should sit, Kerry shouted: "It's my birthday, back off!"

The men then performed the raunchy routine and after Kerry told them: "I'll never forget this, ever."

However, Essex girl Amy was less than impressed, saying: "Is that it?"

Meanwhile, 'Mr. Paparazzi' Darryn confessed to his housemates he had once enjoyed a 13-in-a-bed romp with a bevy of famous beauties and models.

He said: "I once shared a bed with 12 girls. Those were crazy days. You would know a few of them."

However, producers decided to censor the names when he revealed them to his housemates, with a source saying: "It's to prevent their embarrassment. The producers thought the girls might want to forget that night."


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