Paddy McGuinness' Take Me Out talent

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  • 8 September 2011
Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness

Paddy McGuinness

'Take Me Out' host Paddy McGuinness says his special talent to impress the ladies on the show would be making ''messy'' mash potato

Paddy McGuinness would impress women on 'Take Me Out' by making "messy" mash potato.

The host of the ITV1 game show - which features one man aiming to amaze as many of the 30 single female contestants as possible with a special talent before choosing which one to take out on a date - explained he would "surprise" people by cooking the foodstuff.

He said: "I'm pretty good at making mash. Might be a bit messy, but it'd be a good one - it'd surprise a few people.

"I love cooking. I'm not good on desserts, I can't do cakes and stuff, but I make a mean mashed potato."

The 38-year-old TV personality - who also presents survival show '71 Degrees North' alongside Sky Sports host Charlotte Jackson - is hoping to be invited to the nuptials of the first engaged couple from the dating programme.

Fabian De Fabiani originally snubbed future bride Kayleigh Kane and picked a different contestant, but when he realised his mistake after the show, which was televised on New Year's Day, he tracked her down on Facebook and later proposed.

Paddy added to Now magazine: "It was strange because on the night he actually chose someone else - he said he was a bit overawed and confused with all the lights everywhere.

"But he realised he'd made a mistake and got back in touch with her via Facebook. Now they're living together, engaged and I hope to get an invite to the wedding."

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