X Factor hopeful Jade Richards is a 'vampire'

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  • 5 September 2011
Kelly Rowland

X Factor's Kelly Rowland was tearful after Jade's performance

'X Factor' favourite Jade Richards is a wannabe vampire who goes out wearing specially-made fangs on wild nights out

'X Factor' favourite Jade Richards is a wannabe vampire.

The 21-year-old singer - who impressed the judges with her version of Adele's 'Someone Like You' on Saturday night's show (03.09.11) - uses the alter-ego Jade Von Horror and wears specially-made fangs when she goes out on the town.

Jade - who took out a lot of her piercings to audition after being knocked back from the ITV1 show five times previously - said: "I love 'Twilight' but I haven't drunk blood or anything like that yet. I could be the first vampire 'X Factor' winner - how great would that be?

"You don't see many Goths doing well on 'X Factor'. I guess I look less like one now I've taken out most of my piercings."

After her stunning audition - which left judges Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh in tears - a friend of Jade's said: "I was surprised to see Jade with no piercings. She's always rolling around pubs looking like Morticia from 'The Addams Family' with fangs. Some people steered clear, but she's a good laugh. It's just an image thing."

To celebrate her getting through to the next round, Scottish Jade tattooed herself with the phrase 'Team Reem' on her ankle.

She tweeted: "Only took five minutes."

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