Mark Wright 'cannot' get back with Lauren

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 4 September 2011
Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger in happier times

Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger in happier times

Mark Wright does not think he could ever get back with fellow 'The Only Way is Essex' star Lauren Goodger because he could never make her happy

Mark Wright "cannot" get back with Lauren Goodger.

The 'Only Way is Essex' star broke up with his girlfriend of 10 years despite the pair getting engaged earlier this year, and he admits it is unlikely they will get back together because they "never, ever got on".

He said: "It is painful and it I sad. She was a massive part of my life. I will love her probably until the day I die. But I cannot get back with her.

"The thing was we loved each other, but we never, ever got on. We argued every single day - especially when she had a few drinks - but the love was so strong, it kept us going. And I gave her the commitment she wanted. Since I have been engaged to her I haven't cheated on her once.

"But eventually I realised that love is not enough. I just couldn't make Lauren happy."

Now, the 24-year-old hunk is keen to stay single for "at least a few months".

He added to the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I am not looking for anyone. If it comes along, I can't help it, but ideally I want to be on my own for at least a few months before I even start talking to someone."

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