Jonathan Ross: I am worth 6m

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  • 1 September 2011
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross insists he was worth his £6 million-a-year salary at the BBC because he pulled in the viewers

Jonathan Ross insists he was worth his £6 million-a-year salary at the BBC.

The outspoken presenter - whose £18 million three-year deal with the corporation was highly publicised - claims he deserved his huge pay cheque because he was good at his job and pulled in viewers and listeners to both his TV and radio shows.

When asked if he was paid too much, Jonathan - who left the BBC last year and now has his own show with rival network ITV - said: "No. I tell you why I don't, because the market value was that I would have got several million more for doing the same volume of work, if not less, outside of the BBC.

"Sure, I was being paid a load of money and it must seem like an incredible amount to someone who is in a regular job, but at the same time I am not in a regular job I am in show-business and I was at the top of my game."

Jonathan admits he decided to leave the BBC because he was fed-up with the scrutiny over his pay and behaviour following the 'Sachs-gate' scandal, in which he and Russell Brand left a message on 'Fawlty Towers' star Andrew Sachs' answering machine claiming Russell had slept with his granddaughter.

He added to BBC Radio 5:"Partly I left and partly I was asked to leave, really. I always said I wouldn't sign another big contract with them because when the money became such a big story in the newspapers, I didn't enjoy that.

"I didn't enjoy being under scrutiny in that way, I didn't think it was particularly fair as well because I turned down a much bigger offer to go outside the BBC to stay there.

"So I thought it was very odd that I was being painted as this kind of greedy guy who was trying to get what he could out of the BBC, when in actual fact I turned down millions to stay there."

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