Jedward trash Celebrity Big Brother house

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  • 1 September 2011


Jedward have angered their 'Celebrity Big Brother' co-contestants by trashing the house after declaring yesterday was a ''rebellious day''

Jedward have angered their 'Celebrity Big Brother' co-contestants by trashing the house.

The 19-year-old twins - real names John and Edward Grimes - dressed in leather jackets and declared to their housemates, "We're punk rockers and today is a rebellious day".

After a three-hour rampage through the property, which saw the pair sling mattresses around the bedroom, use Amy Childs' expensive make-up to draw tattoos on their arms and have a fight with washing up liquid, Channel 5 bosses were left frantically trying to clean up ahead of last night's (31.08.11) live show.

However, the duo's reckless behaviour failed to amuse their housemates, with Lucien Laviscount slating the pair for acting like "mad" people and Kerry Katona telling them they were doing her "f***ing head in".

Lucien said: "There's nothing we can do, they've gone mad."

Mum-of-four Kerry warned them: "You pair of jackasses. Clean this up now. You're 19, not nine. You're doing my f***ing head in.

"Stop standing there and tidy up, you pair of numpties. You've gone too far now."

'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' star Paddy Doherty had to go to the diary room to calm down because he was so outraged at the pair's outlandish behaviour.

He told Big Brother: "They better f***ing stop it right now. It's not a joke. I don't find this funny."

Despite their antics, Jedward won't be up for eviction tomorrow (02.09.11), as Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff - who was eliminated from the Channel 5 show last night - decided to save the twins, as well as Amy, Kerry and Paddy from the public vote.

Lucien Laviscount, Darryn Lyons, Tara Reid and Bobby Sabel will all face eviction from 'Big Brother' tomorrow night.

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