Paul Muzni: Configure (3 stars)

Paul Muzni: Configure

Versatility found among abstracted oil and pastel pieces of Edinburgh artist

Edinburgh artist Muzni treats the eyes in this collection of life works focusing on the female nude, constantly striving to keep his approach as fresh as the colours that make up his delicately abstracted oil and pastel pieces.

The use of pastel is a welcome return after a long absence, and offers depth and a carefully studied control that is not always evident in the more sweeping brushwork, though both co-exist within the space without jarring the eye. The selected works are a good indicator of the process and evolution of Muzni as an artist, with the most recent paintings displaying a movement and feeling that can be lacking in the more cubist-approached pieces.

Surprisingly, there is a versatility that is not often found with such a narrow focus, and the viewer can enjoy picking 'favourites' or simply embrace the entire exhibition as a set: brightly coloured abstraction stares out more traditionally worked nudes on the opposing wall. Perhaps the only thing that is lacking here is the space in which to enjoy each work without distraction, and the absence of a linear tour of the area due to the limitations of the gallery itself. It is certainly worth keeping an eye out for Muzni's current work – though the next port of call for the artist is a mite further afield in central London.

Whitespace Gallery, 226 0000, until 28 Aug (Fri/Sat open until 7.30pm), free

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