Death Disco: Trans-Europe Expressway

Death Disco: Trans-Europe Expressway

Factory Floor, Photography | Emilie Bailey

Two-venue club night featuring Factory Floor, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and Feadz

Anyone making Glasgow their home for the new student year is in for a treat here, and would be well advised to get on board the Arches’ Trans-Europe Expressway early to see just what sort of clubbing scene their new city has to offer. The cavernous venue under Central Station’s monthly cutting edge club experience Death Disco is already renowned locally for its staggering array of special guests, and for September they’re going a step further. Next month’s night will require two venues to hold the fantastic, festival-worthy line-up that’s been booked, both the Arches and the equally underground SWG3 (Studio Warehouse Gallery), another brilliant space buried under a railway track.

‘We’re still in the process of firming up exactly who’ll be playing where,’ says the Arches’ music programmer Andrew Maitland, who put the whole thing together,’ but you can expect to see the bands and ‘live’ acts down at SWG3 with the DJs mainly at the Arches. You’re not going to be able to see everything, unfortunately, but we’re working hard to program in a way people can see as much as possible. Hopefully a regular bus service going back and forth between venues will help.’

As Maitland also points out, the fact it’s £7 entry if you’re on the DD mailing list is a ridiculously good bargain. Potentially that gets you, if you can stand the shuttling back and forth, a night which will include appearances by Lindstrom, Prins Thomas, Feadz, Shit Robot, Retro/Grade and Walls. Maitland says he’s most excited by the appearance of Norwegian space-disco friends and collaborators Lindstrom and Prins Thomas, but that Stay+ will be a less-heralded highlight. ‘They’re from Manchester, they used to be called Christian Aids,’ he says. ‘I caught them at a festival in Brighton in May and they completely blew me away, they’ve got a huge sound and great visuals.’

Another much-anticipated band, one who have been a favourite in these parts since playing Electric Frog last year and who are long overdue a return visit, is Factory Floor. A raw-edged and minimal trio whose dark, repetitive soundscapes are gaining adoration from hipster music fans and open-minded clubbers, the London outfit are that rare type of band who can follow a DJ after midnight. Having recorded with New Order’s Stephen Morris in the production chair and with their own debut album currently in the works, the band have a history with Glasgow – their ‘R E A L L O V E’ single was released by Optimo Music following a chance meeting with the label’s JD Twitch in the Arches after the group supported Fuck Buttons.

‘When we play in Brussels, we never go on before midnight,’ muses the group’s drummer and co-founder Gabriel Gurnsey. ‘What we’re writing now is a lot more dancey than even our early material, so if a crowd is open-minded to it – which I know the crowds in Scotland are – then it works completely. We were the last band on at ATP at Alexandra Palace the other week, and it was great. Just stand next to the speakers and we’ll blast your ears out, it’ll work.’

Death Disco: Trans-Europe Expressway, Arches & SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 17 Sep.

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Factory Floor - (R E A L L O V E)

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