Music Is The Music Language

Music Is The Music Language

Festival of the experimental and esoteric

Music Is The Music Language, a two day festival organised by DIY promoters Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails, is testament to the vibrancy of Scotland’s underground music scene.

‘Underground music is strongest and most exciting where and when the values of diversity, cooperation, inclusiveness, generosity and fun are most vigorously defended,’ declare promoters Fielding Hope and Emily Roff.

This is a party that plays host to indie, noise, folk, electronic and experimental music from Glasgow and beyond. From the archaic balladry of Alasdair Roberts to the Afro-noise of Cut Hands, via the eclectic post-punk of Muscles of Joy and Tattie Toes, and the avant-songsmithery of Richard Youngs, the festival offers real variety.

‘It’s the fact that these so-called genres are constantly cross-pollinating in Glasgow that allows amazing stuff to happen here. So, hopefully the festival celebrates that and encourages it too,’ say Hope and Roff.

Most of the action takes place at warehouse space SWG3, with stage times staggered so there are no clashes. There are also off-site events, including a stage curated by Edinburgh’s Braw Gigs, and an al fresco generator gig from Glasgow label Winning Sperm Party. As Roff and Hope testify, ‘having a good time is top priority.’

SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 3 & Sun 4 Sep.

Music Language Festival

A festival of live music from Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails celebrating the Scottish underground indie scene featuring the likes of National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Eagleowl, Vars of Litchi, Konx-om-Pax, Ela Orleans, Flaccid Haus, P6 & Skitter, Jer Reid, Stevie Jones & friends, Noma, The Cosmic Dead and many more in…

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