Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia (3 stars)

Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia

Playful, laid-back guitar work from the Brazilian musician

(Mais Um Discos)

Publicity can backfire, as with comparing songwriter Lucas Santtana to bossa nova innovator João Gilberto. Where Gilberto distilled everything through a ‘cool’ Brazilian sensibility, Santtana represents more 21st century, universal sources by composing half his songs in Portuguese – as with ‘Amor en Jacuma’, which fuses bossa traces with pedal and techno textures – and half in English, as with the winsome ‘Hold Me In’.

Featuring some lovely, laid-back guitar work and gentle effects Santtana’s layered style is a cross between experimentation and lullaby-like whispers that tickle the ear, a playful approach that creates a sensual interior world.

lucas santtana - cira, regina e nana (clipe)

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