Futureproof 2011: New photography in Scotland (4 stars)

Futureproof 2011: Some new Photography in Scotland

Cross section of work by recent graduates

As the third in a series of exhibitions initiated by Street Level Gallery, Futureproof profiles a cross section of work by graduates from the five Scottish university photography departments. The pictures on show are taken by nimble-fingered light capturers who tell captivating stories through immaculate image-making.

Louise Menmuir’s photographs are particularly striking and feature a young girl in contemporary attire engaged with old fashioned childhood resourcefulness – travelling back in time to when purchased toys were luxuries and children used discarded objects to play imaginative games of magical flying machines and make-believe fishing boats. Appearing instantly iconic, her images marry the old and the new in natural light.

Equally enchanting are Song Yun Kim’s blurry images that appear almost trapped underneath the surface of the picture plane. This technique obstructs our perception so that we squint our eyes and move up close to view the picture from different angles.

Through a wide angled view, Daniel Cook has depicted a desolate scene of a Scottish landscape after the forced removal of the Highland Clearances. Here wildlife has taken over what remains of human habitation, leaving the exquisite intensity of the wild landscape intact.

In contrast to Cook’s atmospheric landscape is Antonia Spagnoletti’s series of vibrant cityscapes after dark. Characters appear life-like in the maquettes that play out little scenarios of lovers kissing outside after closing time, people having drinks at the social and seedy exchanges taking place in back allies. Dim light falls through beautifully to illuminate the parts that Spagnoletti chooses to focus on. These carefully constructed textured details give life to the characters to portray a spectrum of emotions – some humorous, others sad, some joyful.

Other highlights include Rosalind Dallas’ reconstructed locations of her childhood through ethereal surroundings, Fabien Marques’ series of exotic bedrooms, and Sofia Silva’s 10227 Days of Lost Affection where she has chosen to show one image from the first 28 years of her life.

Utilising an impressive array of materials, techniques and technology, there is no doubt that life after art school is futureproof for these ambitious young image-makers.

Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, until Sun 9 Oct


  • 4 stars

The third in a series of annual exhibitions which profile rising young artists from Scotland's photography and visual arts courses.

Futureproof Artists Talks

  • 4 stars

A selection of the artists involved in the Futureproof exhibition discuss their own work.

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