Penguin Prison - Penguin Prison (3 stars)

Penguin Prison - Penguin Prison

Crisp, revitalising debut album that is both retro and relevant


Penguin Prison have just gone and nailed that curious talent of producing music rooted in retro sound, whilst also making it utterly relevant. This self-titled debut album features swathes of synth flooded in 80s sheen, but there’s enough electronic nods to make it fit into 2011 as snugly as phone hacking and looting dodgy trainer shops.

Opener ‘Don’t Fuck With My Money’ sets the pace nicely, strutting with electro-pop likeability, whilst the likes of ‘Golden Train’ marries a melodic Plan B with dashes of credible beeps and bleeps. What makes this album a little more remarkable however is that Penguin Prison is but one chap, New York dynamo Chris Glover. One man, many talents and a crisp, revitalising debut album.

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