The Waterboys - An Appointment With Mr Yeats (4 stars)

The Waterboys - An Audience With Mr Yeats

Scott’s music and Yeats’ words make for work of social resonance and artistic wonder


There is such a vivid sense of chemistry between Waterboys frontman Mike Scott and literary icon WB Yeats it is hard to believe that the twain never met. This would have been some feat, of course, what with the legendary Irish poet having been dead for two decades before our rock trailblazer was born, but the ways in which Scott’s music and Yeats’ words embrace and set fire to each are intrinsic, and thrilling.

Scott does not so much interpret Yeats’ poetry as liberate it through rock’n’roll – from chamber ballads and bluesy wig-outs to blustering Celtic-rock. What results is a vital collaboration from two men whose hearts and ideologies have created a work of social resonance, and emotional union, and artistic wonder.

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