Exposure: Alpines

Exposure: Alpines

'Night-pop’ London duo support CSS

This girl/ boy duo from SW London have us hooked with their moody single ‘Cocoon’, a dose of ‘night-pop’ with more than a little hint of Portishead about it. It’s hopefully a taster of more to come from their debut album in 2012. We caught Catherine Pockson (vocals) and Bob Matthews (keyboards) on the phone, in between feeding the parking meter and ordering food at Wagamamas…

Do you think ‘night pop’ sums up your music well?
Bob: ‘It was Catherine and I that first called it that. We just thought our music really suited being listened to while driving around at night. Stuff we’ve recorded more recently sounds a bit lighter; less dense maybe. Certainly not happy-clappy, but not always so dark. We play around with a lot of sounds; trip-hop, 2-step. . ’

You seem to enjoy blurring the lines between fashion/ music/ art/ photography. True?
Catherine: ‘Definitely. Music and fashion are very symbiotic to me. I’d love to design a handmade range of clothing, bespoke merchandise for key fans, the way Karen O has done. I studied fashion design and art history, and I love putting Polaroids and fashion shoots on my blog (alpinesmusic.blogspot.com), or designing my own stage outfits. My favourite one recently had swan feathers, fur pom poms, a chiffon dress and a suede belt. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I keep getting Florence and the Machine comparisons?’

Bob: ‘My dad has hundreds of cameras, so I’ve picked up his love of photography. I studied film too. We’re working on a soundtrack for a short film called Skin, by the director of our ‘Cocoon’ video.’

What would you like to be up to this time next year?
Catherine: ‘Getting to play outside the UK would be good. Going to somewhere like Japan would be amazing – that’s somewhere that’s always really inspired me. Travelling, and getting to work with more amazing people’.

Alpines support CSS, Stereo, Glasgow, Wed 31 Aug.

Alpines - Cocoon

CSS and Alpines

Party like it's 2007 with the Brazilian electro ensemble Cansei de Ser Sexy who made a big splash with their self-titled album and now return after an absence of a couple of years. With support from a London-based electronica duo.

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