King Creosote and Jon Hopkins set for UK tour

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins set for UK tour

Duo take Mercury-nominated Diamond Mine on the road

The List must confess it has to stop taking cues from the John Motson school of interviewing. ‘So, Kenny Anderson aka King Creosote, Fence Records founder and self-made recording artist who’s been working away in relative obscurity for many years now, how does it feel to see your new album with Jon Hopkins Diamond Mine nominated for a Mercury Prize?’ ‘Quite amazing.’ Well duhh, The List. We’re never watching Match of the Day again.

Far better to ask, what’s changed? ‘More press,’ he says, having just finished rehearsals for a tour with Scots supergroup The Burns Unit. ‘It’s like releasing the album again, except you’ve already spoken to the usual suspects and now a whole new bunch of papers and radio stations want to talk to you. I don’t know why it’s happened now, though. A lot of people I speak to say “about time”, and I can only take that to mean Jon and I are both at the stage where it’s become harder to ignore us. Not that it was inevitable, I don’t want to sound like a total big-heid, but some people tell me they think KC Rules OK should have been nominated and others say Bombshell. It just so happens that this record has planted a big flag on Planet KC and we’re huddling around it.’

The success of the gorgeous Diamond Mine also means future plans have been put on hold, so in the notoriously prolific Anderson’s case that means an already completed and delivered album might sit on the shelf for a year. Hopkins is also keen to get on with his next solo record, although the fact the pair are contracted to Domino for another collaborative album might also get in the way. ‘We really just want this album to do as well as possible,’ says Anderson, ‘and something like this happening is a chance to cast the net as wide as we can, so we have to take it.’

Grand Ole Opry, Glasgow, Wed 7 Sep

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