Fern Britton has penchant for bald men

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  • 23 August 2011
Fern Britton and her daughter Grace are to take part in 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? School's Out'

Fern Britton

TV host Fern Britton has penchant for balding men and thinks males should embrace hair loss

Fern Britton has a penchant for balding men.

The 54-year-old TV host - who is married to 'This Morning' chef Phil Vickery, who has an impressive head of hair - insists it wouldn't bother her if her husband started to lose his locks and would rather he embraced it instead of trying to cover up his bald patch.

She said: "Forget bad weaves and toupees, gentlemen! You're fabulous just as you are!"

As well as giving men advice on how to wear their hair, Fern also handed out tips on how they can avoid getting into trouble with the women in their lives.

She explained in an interview with Reader's Digest magazine: "I'd like to give men some inside information. For example, it's better to tell your partner you'll be home at midnight, then get back two hours early, than to say you'll be there at 8pm but be two hours late.

"And when we ask you for the second or third time to put out the rubbish, we aren't nagging - we're just wondering if you might have forgotten!"

Read the full article in September's issue of Reader's Digest, in shops Friday August 26.

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