Timo Maas

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  • 11 October 2006

Name Timo Maas

Occupation DJ/Producer

Location Hanover, Germany

What’s the script?

Unlike many of today’s producers who spent their playtimes twiddling knobs and became superstars before the school bell rang, Timo Maas took a longer path to success, enduring years working for German Telecom before being able to write and play music professionally. Inspired by the city sounds brought to his country farm via the airwaves, Maas got a set of decks and started DJing at house parties for his mates during his teens.

Those were the days - swigging stolen vodka and chucking cheesy wotsits at the girls you fancied. What next?

The parties took on a more underground vibe when Maas started playing at raves dotted about Germany and was asked to play more gigs after some early releases started to make an impact around mainland Europe and in the UK. He’s flirted with commercial success, including a couple of high chart entries, but it’s in the clubs where this type of music really comes into its own. The chunky riffs, catchy hooks and funked up, head nodding basslines of Maas and his production partner Martin Butterich can round up a crowd of sweaty dancing bodies quicker than you can say ‘Azzido Da Bass.’

Not seen the big man round these parts in a while.

True. This will be his first appearance at The Arches in over three years after spending a lot of time in the studio and working on his Four:Twenty Recordings label, nurturing the talents of producers including Locodice, resident at DC1O in Ibiza where Maas hosted a few of his own night/day parties in the summer. It might be more baltic than Balearic, but Glasgow is sure to hold its own when Timo comes to town.

The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 21 Oct

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