LMFAO not joking

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  • 19 August 2011


'Party Rock Anthem' duo LMFAO deny they are a joke band and are always take their music seriously

LMFAO are not a joke band.

The 'Party Rock Anthem' duo - made up of Redfoo and SkyBlu - are known for their love of partying and have the image of being slackers, but when it comes to their music they are always completely serious.

SkyBlu said: "Lot of the times, we can get regarded, people say, 'are they a joke band? are they a parody? Are they making fun of music?'

"We are fun, we are individuals, and our name chose us. But we make - the music is serious, the drums, there aint no joking with the drums, they hit you right up in the booty."

The pair - whose second album is called 'Sorry for Party Rocking' - also have advice for anyone who wants to join them as a 'Party Rocker'.

They told watchmojo.com: "If you are self conscious, we are going to prescribe you three shots [of liquor] then get on the floor and do what becomes natural."

The group also encourage male fans to "grab" the "booty" of girls they are interested in on the dancefloor, as a way of trying to romance them.

They added: "If you see a fine booty, grab it, and then walk around like you didn't do it, see what the girl's temperature is like.

"If she's smiling back, go up and say, 'that was me baby,' go to the takeback room and try and get you a little something.

"If she's freaking out and getting all loud, then say 'I don't know what you're talking about'."


Party rocking electronic dance music from the much derided but hugely popular LMFAO.

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