Single of the week: Tigers by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Bombay Bicycle Club and Alpines among singles & downloads

What’s to be found in this week’s musical sack of treasures? Some whining, some honky tonk and some mildly threatening Mafia references, as it turns out. Nerina Pallot’s ‘Turn Me On Again’ (Geffen ●●) is an ode to sexual tension, favouring a trite rhyming couplet and country tinged guitars.

In contrast, Glasgow's The Corleones aren’t as intimidating as their namesake should suggest on double A-side single ‘I Can’t Help It’ / ‘Bland Conversations (Make Me Vomit)’ (Big Dick Records ●●), the main vocals questionably tuneful and often relaying whiney lyrical content.

Meanwhile, 'Eyes Wide Open' (Atlantic ●●●) is the latest single from from Rival Schools' 2011 comeback, Pedals. Decent post-hardcore, especially given the lengthy wait for new material.

A honky tonk piano loop opens Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest effort, ‘Shuffle’ (Island/Universal ●●●). Syncopated beats and falsetto harmonies give a dynamic, atmospheric feel, akin to Metronomy or MGMT.

If you like Cocteau Twins or CocoRosie, have a listen to Alpines’ ‘Cocoon’ (Polydor ●●●). Florence Welch style pipes layer over bassy synths, making danceable, ambient pop. Butcher Boy's 'Imperial' (Damaged Goods, ) shows off something delicate and wry but also Belle and Sebastian lite.

Wiz Khalifa is better known to this reviewer as ‘the guy who dates Amber Rose’ and ‘No Sleep’ (Atlantic ●) does nothing to make him more memorable. Radio friendly, pandering rap about partying, like, hard at the weekend which barely tickles the underbelly of hip-hop greats like MF Doom, J Dilla or Madlib.

Single of the week goes to some old faithfuls. ‘Tigers’ (Domino ●●●●) is more direct than some of Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks’ previous output, all jangly guitars, singalong vocals and quirk.

Tigers - Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks

Nerina Pallot 'Turn Me On Again'

I Can't Help It/Bland Conversations Released 15/08/11.


Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle (Official Video)

Alpines - Cocoon

Wiz Khalifa - No Sleep (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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