Will Hanson - Moving a Body (4 stars)

Will Hanson - Moving a Body

Spine-tingling guitar melodies and off-kilter pop


The genesis of Londoner Will Hanson’s solo debut was a move from New York to Glasgow – go figure, it being a city that’s produced audibly two of his biggest influences in Mogwai and The Delgados. He cut his teeth previously with defunct Island Records-signed alt-rock also-rans Proxy, but that serves little forewarning of just how good an arrival Moving a Body – which comes fully-formed as if out of nowhere – turns out to be.

Think a little of the former above-mentioned Scottish band’s approach to spine-tingling guitar melodies and punishing volume, combined with some of the latter’s skill for an off-kilter pop song and a swooning orchestral swell, all thoughtfully distilled. Notwithstanding a title that may have the police chapping on his door, it’s an album that oozes good taste and good judgment.

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