Tattie Toes - Turnip Famine (5 stars)

Tattie Toes - Turnip Famine

Debut from one of UK’s most inspiring underground acts

(Pickled Egg)

A Glasgow four-piece with a Basque singer, a Welsh violinist, a bassist from Bolton, and a puppeteer on drums, Tattie Toes have never subscribed to conventional notions of what a band should be. As a result, they’ve become one of the UK’s most inspiring underground acts, their songs combining Iberian, Balkan and Scottish folk with post-punk and free improvisation. This debut has been worth the wait, capturing the band’s live energy while highlighting their subtlety and invention. Nerea Bello’s vocals are a marvel, beautiful and freakish. Rafe Fitzpatrick’s violin reels through folk forms and free-jazz, while the rhythm section of Howie Reeve and Shane Connolly filter febrile Minutemen grooves through dub and improv strategies. A ravishing leap into the unknown.

Tattie Toes play Music is the Music Language, SWG3, Glasgow, Sat 3 & Sun 4 Sep. See next issue for a preview of the weekend line-up. www.cryparrot.co.uk

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