Brian Dowling urges CBB stars to get naked

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 August 2011
Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling is calling on the 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates to ''get naked'' when the series re-launches on Channel 5 this Thursday (18.08.11)

Brian Dowling is calling for the 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates to "get naked".

The Irish TV host - who is fronting the fly-on-the-wall series when it re-launches on Channel 5 on Thursday (18.08.11) - explained while he feels "uncomfortable" about the contestants getting down and dirty on the show, he is keen for them to flash the flesh.

Brian told BANG Showbiz: "I want the housemates to have loads of fun but I don't want them to be having sex on television. I just feel really uncomfortable about the whole thing.

"Especially if it's a young girl who really loves a girl who's been really dreadful to her and then I have to tell her what he's done. Get naked, get your t*ts out, but don't do anything you'll regret."

BANG Showbiz was granted access to the legendary house yesterday (15.08.11), and with it featuring a see-through shower, luxury bath spacious enough for two people, a lavish bedroom and an outdoor shower, it looks like there will be plenty of nudity.

However, former 'Big Brother' contestant Glyn Wise doesn't think the house has leant itself to raunchy action.

He explained: "When I was in the house, there were plenty of dark corners for people to do rude things in. Now it's all open plan and it does look cool, but I don't think the housemates will be able to find anywhere to hide."

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