On Danse

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  • 9 August 2007
On Danse

Sticking a video screen behind your choreography is all the rage these days, but few people do it as seamlessly as these guys. Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu from France has blended ballet, contemporary, African and breakdance with a stunning video backdrop, to create one of the most memorable and accessible dance shows in Edinburgh this year. Expect lions, giant bunnies, tightrope walking elephants and lots more besides.

Playhouse, 473 2000, 11–13 Aug, 8pm, £8–£28.

On Danse

Inspired by Rameau's operas, this production revels in the extravagant pleasures of the 18th century, crossing boundaries in its aim to bring a libertine beauty and light hearted surrealism to the stage. This multi-media adaptation, including a trampoline, is the brainchild of creative choreographers Jose Montalvo and…


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