Brian Dowling dreading Shilpa Shetty repeat

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  • 16 August 2011
Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling is ''dreading'' a repeat of the Shilpa Shetty race row in 'Celebrity Big Brother' when the series re-launches on Channel 5 on Thursday (18.08.11)

Brian Dowling is "dreading" a repeat of the Shilpa Shetty race row in 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The Irish TV host - who is fronting the fly-on-the-wall series when it re-launches on Channel 5 on Thursday (18.08.11) - admitted he fears being faced with the same controversy as his predecessor Davina McCall after 'CBB' housemates, the late Jade Goody, Jo O'Meara and Danielle Lloyd were accused of racially abusing the Bollywood actress on the show in 2007.

He told BANG Showbiz: "My worst fear is that coming from nice, entertainment, funny television, I haven't done anything like this before. So I'm absolutely dreading something like the Jade and Shilpa incident, which Davina handled really well.

"But I want to be able to settle in before I hit something as difficult and controversial as that. I'm dreading it."

However, Brian - who won 'Big Brother' in 2001, as well as being crowned champion of 'Ultimate Big Brother' in 2010 - isn't afraid to take a hard line in interviews with the eliminated housemates.

He added: "It was hard for Davina to be tough with the housemates because when she did take a bit more of a tough line, people said she was being too hard.

"It doesn't bother me though, so if I do it straight away and push the boundaries then people will get used to it. I'll be doing it in a fun way though, I don't want to make people upset - I just want to get the truth out and encourage people to explain themselves."

'Celebrity Big Brother' starts on Channel 5 this Thursday (18.08.11).

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