Scottish International Storytelling Festival

  • The List
  • 11 October 2006


1 It’s not just for the ankle-biters Kids love opening up their imaginations to a well-told story, and adults should indulge that same impulse. The festival’s evening events are suited to majors rather than minors, with a storytelling club each Friday at the Waverley pub on the Royal Mile.

2 Storytelling is an undervalued art Culture is saturated with multimedia’s images and sounds, leaving little space for us to construct them ourselves. Why not spend Tell A Story Day (Fri 27 Oct) listening to words, and shoot the film and compose the soundtrack in your head?

3 Oral history is how Celtic tradition was passed on Learn about Celtic poet Ossian through James MacPherson’s controversial translation of his supposed texts, and through the contemporary prism of Calum Colvin’s art (pictured). Then discuss the fundamental question: Ossian: Fake, Fact or Fiction? (Sat 28 Oct).

4 Experience Edinburgh from another person’s point of view Join Deacon Brodie on a tour of the Old Town and hear about his double life and grisly end, or accompany the slightly-more-alive judge and man of letters Lord Cockburn through the New Town (Sat 28 Oct & Sat 4 Nov).

5 There’s plenty for the kids to do too Children will love tales of castles, kings and queens; stories of pirates and the sea in Leith; ghoulies, ghosties, witches and magic at Hallowe’en; and songs about football. In fact, it may be tricky to decide who’s dragging along who . . .

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival runs from Wed 25 Oct-Sun 5 Nov at various venues in Edinburgh. See for details.

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