Neil Patrick Harris recalls acid experience

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  • 13 August 2011
Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris admits he has taken hallucinogenic drug acid once and ''danced with the frog devil'' in Mexico

Neil Patrick Harris "danced with a frog devil" when he took acid.

The 'Smurfs' star admits he took the hallucinogenic drug "once" but would avoid taking it again because he did not enjoy the experience.

He said: "I've had my fair share of fun. I tried acid, once. But I think it had been watered down or something. So it wasn't apparently, what it was supposed to have been.

"But I do remember lying outside in Mexico, where it happened. There was a tree outside and suddenly the limbs of the tree became frogs handing upside down. That was understandably, the last time I did that. But yeah, I danced with the frog devil."

However, the 'How I Met Your Mother' actor - who works in TV, film and on stage - admits he is a very lucky person because he gets to enjoy a career he loves in various formats.

He added: "I'm on of the luckiest people around these days. Not only do I get to act in a TV show that I love, as a hilarious character, but I now get to dabble in big movies."

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