Porch Song Anthology (4 stars)

The Den at the Café Royal, Edinburgh, Fri 6 Oct


In the face of ‘the death of live music in Edinburgh’ - (c) every naysayer east of Greenock - it’s nice to see someone continuing to make an effort. Local gig promoters Baby Tiger might have looked like being a part of the big cull when the West End youth hostel they operated out of stopped doing live gigs, but persistence has seen them relocate to The Den, a snug first floor room at the Café Royal.

This was a fine gig to start their already bursting live schedule at the new home. As the name might suggest, Porch Sound Anthology (who were supported by Edinburgh’s Stantons) are a homespun affair, a relaxed country outfit who write songs, which sit somewhere between contentment and melancholy. Essentially the old Telstar Ponies without the input of David ‘Taurpis Tula’ Keenan, they’re a band who live up to the expectation such a pedigree demands. Songs like ‘Ask the Dust’ and ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ are resolutely charming, Rachel Devine’s voice providing a platform for the warm and inviting sounds that accompany it.

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