Samantha Womack misses Enders' financial security

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  • 11 August 2011
Samantha Womack

Samantha Womack

Former 'EastEnders' star Samantha Womack misses the ''financial security'' that came with playing Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC One soap

Samantha Womack misses the "financial security" that came alongside starring in 'EastEnders'.

The blonde actress - who has two children, Ben, 10, and six-year-old Lily with actor husband Mark Womack - played Ronnie Mitchell in the soap from 2007 to 2011, but she now admits to being "less inclined to take chances" with her career roles.

When asked if she misses the BBC One show, she told Stylist magazine: "I miss the financial security. As you get older you become less inclined to take chances, but taking a risk was important.

"I try to retain the confidence I had when I was younger, that if I work hard enough, everything will be OK."

The 38-year-old star previously faced a backlash from some 'EastEnders viewers when she was involved in a controversial baby swap storyline, which saw her troubled alter-ego take Kat Moon's (Jessie Wallace) little one in exchange for her newborn tot, who had died of cot death.

Samantha admitted she found the plot - which attracted more than 9,000 complaints - "emotionally and physically" draining. and filming left her feeling exhausted.

She said: "I did find the storyline very, very difficult to play. It was draining emotionally and physically and by the end I was shattered. I worked out I'd been crying or screaming at work every day for six days a week for over two years. Can you imagine how exhausting and tiring that is?

"You're crying, weeping and telling your brain something awful has happened, so of course that is going to affect you and your body. My brain may know I am acting, but my body was doing a different thing. I needed to stop and find some peace, a bit like Ronnie."

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