CBB house to be a 'luxury battleground'

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  • 11 August 2011
Amy Childs

Amy Childs is rumoured to be taking part in Celebrity Big Brother

'Celebrity Big Brother' bosses are hoping to lull this year's contestants into a ''false sense of security'' with a luxury house

'Celebrity Big Brother' bosses are hoping to lull this year's contestants into a "false sense of security".

With the infamous house featuring a five-star gym, Japanese-themed spa area and glamorous decor, sneaky TV chiefs have staged the perfect "luxury battleground" for contestants - including Amy Childs, Pamela Anderson and Paddy Doherty - to throw some almighty "diva-style tantrums".

Judi James, former 'Big Brother' psychologist, said: "The celebs are being lulled into a false sense of security. They will come in, see all the luxury around them and think they've got it easy.

"But it actually means that their defences will be down. So when 'Big Brother' punishes them or throws in a twist, they will be knocked off their perch. They won't be able to cope and you'll see some big diva-style ¬tantrums. This house is going to be a ¬luxury battleground.

"As sexy, luxurious house will make them feel at home and the guard will come down. 'Big Brother' has been very clever and fans should expect plenty of fireworks."

However, it is thought 'Big Brother' bosses are hoping the more relaxed the celebrity housemates are in their luxurious surroundings, the more of their juicy secrets they will reveal and there may even be an increased chance of them getting down and dirty in the bedroom.

Judi added to the Daily Star newspaper: "The more relaxed they are, the more secrets they will ¬reveal. That's what 'Big Brother' is ¬planning.

"They may think that by giving them a gym bosses are being nice, but it actually gives us a chance to get sexy shots of them working out. And getting their blood pumping may spark action in the bedroom.

"Even the staircase is a trick. They will think they're making a grand entrance but bosses have scrapped the usual barrier to the outside world, so they can hear what fans think of them. Their status in the house will be determined by the reaction they get. It means they can't over-sell their egos without the others knowing it."

'Big Brother' is re-launched on Channel 5 on August 18.

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