Various artists - Cumbia! Bestial (4 stars)

Various artists - Cumbia! Bestial

(Chusma records)

Americans have been dancing in time with the Colombian cumbia music style, with its easy slide side-to-side moves in 2/4 time since the 60s, it really hit the international club scene in the 21st century. Cumbia! Bestial offers a continental perspective by bringing together cutting-edge DJ remixes from Bogotá, México and Buenos Aires. Voices layer above zippily rhythmic accordion and keyboard melodies, playfully fusing with blasts of brass, electronica and bass-ily raucous industrial textures with plenty hip-hop, reggae, rap and other ingredients. While it may help that one of the DJs is head of EMI Mexico it just shows how hip that scene is. Very good to dance to.

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