Exposure: Café Disco

Exposure: Café Disco

‘We love nice melodies, we are all fans of Jimmy Eat World'

Café Disco. What’s that then? Are we on the brink of a revolution in clubbing/dining?
Actually, it’s an excellent pop-rock four-piece from Scotland’s west coast, although they have said that the band ‘is actually just a way in which we hope that one day we’ll be able to fund our burgeoning careers in the catering industry.’

We salute a band with creative ambition. That’s good forward planning. Seriously, though?
‘It was a nightmare trying to come up with a name but then as luck would have it Clare [Gallacher, drums] and Paul [Swinton, guitar] independently watched the ‘Café Disco’ episode of The Office one night, and when we next met up and were spit-balling names again, that was one that we all liked.’

Fair enough. What do they sound like then? You’re not really giving much away with this ‘pop-rock’
We’re not, but that’s because they’re a fairly broad-ranging band – great guitar hooks courtesy of Paul and twin sister Rachel; tight, driving drums from Clare, with singer Fraser Welsh’s charming Irvine brogue weaving through it all. ‘We are not afraid of pop,’ they say. ‘We love nice melodies, we are all fans of Jimmy Eat World, as they’ve got great pop melodies which is something we look to convey in our music. We like the balance of something quite rocking that you can still sing along to.’

Sounds good. Where can I see them?
‘Just now, because we’re quite new, we’re just trying to play live, free gigs, work on our own stagecraft type of thing,’ says Fraser. ‘We’re doing that just for ourselves at the moment, then in October we’ve got a single launch, so we’ll take a break after playing these shows, then focus on getting as many people along to gigs as possible.’

Debut single ‘Persona’ to be released in October. Listen at facebook.com/CafeDiscoband.

Café Disco play Box, Glasgow, Fri 12 Aug; The Harbour Bar, Troon, Sat 10 Sep; and The HAC, Irvine, Fri 16 Sep.

Café Disco - Terra Nova live

Cafe Disco

Accomplished pop-rockers from the west coast launch their EP Persona/Wrap Your Arms.

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