The War On Drugs - Slave Ambient (2 stars)

The War On Drugs - Slave Ambient

Heartland American rock meets shoegaze guitars and spectral keyboards

(Secretly Canadian)

Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs aim to fuse the heartland American rock of Dylan and Springsteen with shoegaze guitars, spectral keyboards and motorik beats. Nice idea, and on songs like ‘Best Night’ it works quite well, suggesting Paul Westerberg driving down the Autobahn to Düsseldorf. Early 80s synthpop is the main reference point, and ‘Baby Missiles’, a peppy homage to The Boss’ ‘Dancing In The Dark’, wouldn’t sound out of place in a John Hughes movie. Sadly, when the martial drums of ‘Come To The City’ kick in, it all goes a bit U2, sacrificing subtlety for anthemic banality.

The War on Drugs "Baby Missiles"

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