August games review round-up

Gran Turismo 5, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and Bulletstorm reviewed

August games review round-up


Gran Turismo 5
PS3 (Sony)
After five years of protracted development, Gran Turismo 5 features over 1,000 cars and 71 tracks. It’s a petrolhead’s dream, although its claim to be ‘the real driving simulator’ is somewhat undermined by moronic AI drivers and some surprisingly flat textures. Still, there’s a huge amount of content, and the urge to replay races in search of that elusive gold medal remains strong.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters
Xbox 360/PS3 (EA Sports)
Another year, another slightly improved iteration of EA’s all-conquering golf game. This year’s new features include the groundbreaking ability to save a game mid-round. In fairness, the addition of The Masters is a long-awaited trump card, but a cynical DLC policy and an oversimplifying caddy system feel like backward steps. Against precious little competition it remains the best golf game.

PC/PS3/Xbox 360 (EA)
Bulletstorm distinguishes itself by its over-the-top combat. It’s not enough just to shoot enemies, instead you’re encouraged to leash them into the air and kick them into the environment to earn credits for better weapons. It’s a gloriously creative kick in the face of a genre that rarely innovates. A knowing script and frequently stunning environments help stave off repetition.

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