Brian Dowling: BB should be more controversial

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  • 9 August 2011
Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling

Brian Dowling thinks 'Big Brother' should be ''more controversial'' than when he won the reality TV show back in 2001

Brian Dowling thinks 'Big Brother' needs to be "more controversial".

The show's presenter - who shot to fame when he won the fly-on-the-wall series in 2001, and last year triumphed in 'Ultimate Big Brother' - believes the reality TV programme should have less "boring" challenges for contestants .

He said: "The show had to move and become more controversial. The tasks I had in series two would be so boring now. People regard the show like panto and they like the baddies.

"I think it's fun to watch television and moan about people and say, 'I hate her'."

The 33-year-old host - who is taking over from Davina McCall as 'Big Brother' presenter - explained the show, which will re-launch on Channel 5 on August 18 after spending 10 years on Channel 4, should have "funny" and "extreme" characters in the house.

He added to Digital Spy: "People like Makosi - the most bizarre person I've ever met in my life. Amazing to watch on television. I wouldn't want to live with her again but she was amazing viewing.

"The show needs people like that. Funny people, bad people and extreme people. Diversity."

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