Five great tracks by Plump DJs

Five great tracks by Plump DJs

UK DJ duo set for Edinburgh club Bass Syndicate

1. Big Groovy Fucker
An early Plumps production (their second release on Finger Lickin’) that takes its name literally. A big pumping groove machine that ends in a flurry of acidic breakbeat.

2. Creepshow
Sees Andy Gardner and Lee Rous at their funkiest as videogame sound fx build to a massive horn section.

3. Mad Cow
Centred round a big blaring breakdown that sounds almost exactly like the like the titular insane bovine on a robotic rampage. Cowbells and kick drums add to the madness.

4. Water Born Computer Virus
Has a more tropical housey rhythm but still has a big fat acid squelch running slap bang through its core before the bpms spin deliriously out of control at about the three minute mark.

5. Strobe
The Plumps’ remix of Deadmau5 turns this contemplative trance track into a big booming electro number complete with laser beams and head wobbling bass.

Plump DJs guest at Bass Syndicate, The Liquid Room, 225 2564, Sat 13 Aug, 10.30pm–5am, £10.

Plump DJS • Big Groovy Fucker [BreakBeat]

Plump DJs - Creepshow (DJ Baby Anne)

Plump DJs Mad Cow

Plump DJs - Water Born Computer Virus

Deadmau5 - Strobe (Plump DJs Remix)

Bass Syndicate

A one-off special at the Liquid Rooms with the party starting breaks to electro house of the Plump DJs as they make their annual trip to the Edinburgh Festoval, joined by Peo de Pitte.

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