bETAMAX - New Edinburgh club plays 70s and 80s edgy dance

bETAMAX - New Edinburgh club plays 70s and 80s edgy dance

Her Royal Highness

New club from promoters behind FAST and Vintage Violence

In our heads bETAMAX will be halfway between some legendary NY night like Danceteria and a local disco in Basildon circa 1982. If the Tories want to drag us back to that era in the worst of ways, we can at least enjoy the soundtrack,’ explains DJ/promoter Chris Fast as he gears up to launch his new night. ‘It’s pop music with edge and danceability mostly from the late 70s and early 80s. A night for music that shares a certain something whether it’s new wave pop, punk, synth, disco or reggae.’

This isn’t Chris’ first venture into alternative clubbing with nights like FAST and Vintage Violence already under his belt. A champion of local bands, Her Royal Highness will be on hand for a live set on opening night. ‘HRH are easily one of the best live acts in Scotland at the moment,’ says Fast. ‘Super danceable, ace tunes and a really top frontwoman. But also their electro, cassette player pop segues perfectly into the retro future music we’ll be DJing.’

‘It’s a bit of a mish mash between electro, rock and a little bit of goth,’ adds Heather Craig of HRH. Formerly with girl punks The Gussets until they split in 2009, now HRH are headed down a more electric avenue. ‘I went out with the drummer, but we split up so we got rid of the drummer and got a drum machine in, so it was a relationship malfunction that made us go even more electronic,’ she laughs. ‘Stuff drummers.’

Studio 24, 220 2987, Fri 12 Aug, 11pm–5am (approx), free before 11.30pm; £5 (£4) after.


Mutant disco, post punk, new wave and 2Tone night hosted by Chris FAST (FASTpunkclub) and Big Gus (the Go-Go).

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