Oneohtrix Point Never / Arab Ginsberg - Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sun 7 Aug 2011 (2 stars)

Oneohtrix Point Never and Arab Ginsberg, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sun 7 Aug

Oneohtrix Point Never

Tired performance from experimental artist Daniel Lopatin

Tonight’s openers, the Edinburgh-based trio Arab Ginsberg are somewhat indebted to the likes of the indie-friendly and noise-lite environments of Fuck Buttons or Hype Williams. There’s some fleeting moments of keyboard hookery but it’s all far too light on either the 'pop' or the 'improv' side to be taken with deep regard tonight. However, with a less is more approach they could be ones to keep an eye on.

Unlike the current breed of contemporary key trippers (see Emeralds, James Ferraro, Spencer Clark) Oneohtrix’s sound seems far too indebted to the pastiche elements of the source code. For all his sweeping hooks, there’s a muddiness in his sound which is unintentionally hotchbotch, amidst lazy loops and jagged stop-starts. Tonight he’s lacking the playfulness and conviction which makes those aforementioned artists wholly relevant and in a state of constant metamorphosis, on stage and on record.

With all that said, there are moments here where Mr Lopatin does strike a delayed pattern or sequence with a bit more danger to it – but they’re momentary. It’s a tired performance and one which outlines the tricky nature of the 'hype' machine. The crowd naturally falls for the trap – cuing an even more weathered encore.

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oneohtrix point never - returnal

Oneohtrix Point Never and Sad City

Lush electronica from Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin.

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