Duchess sing for chicken

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 August 2011


Girl group Duchess claim they will do ''anything'' musical for a free meal

Duchess will sing for a free meal.

The girl band joke that they love singing live so much they will gladly sing for a snack, as happened at a recent festival in Northern England.

Speaking at the Tramlines festival in Sheffield, where they performed in the Nokia Unannounced tent, singer Annie Ashcroft said: "Earlier on - we got asked to sing outside a chicken shop, just randomly. And we did it! Got a bit of free chicken. Sing for your supper. We'll do anything for a bit of fried chicken! We take singing for your supper to a new level."

Annie - who is joined in the band by Shanie Ryan, Jamie Lisa Jaqeuemin and Nadine Samuels - added that, joking aside, they like to perform no matter where it is, or how many people it is for.

She added: "Any chance we get to perform is great. If there are two people there we'll rock it. If there are two hundred we'll rock it. That's our motto."

Duchess' debut single 'All the Boyz' is out on 22 August 2011.

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