The Pineapple Chunks - A Dog Walked In (4 stars)

The Pineapple Chunks - A Dog Walked In

Gloriously messy pop rock from Edinburgh scuzz merchants


Smoother than they once were, Edinburgh’s premier lo-fi power-popsters nervertheless come on like some unreconstructed missing link between Swell Maps and Pavement, their urgently scuzzed-up melodies bouncing along with an unashamed fondness for squiggly-wiggly guitar lines pumped along by a drummer who thwacks his kit around the room like a post-modern Keith Moon who can’t find the swimming pool.

With such a pot pourri of conflicting sounds slugging it out over a selection of everyday art school laments, this gloriously messy melange of oddball nonsense is the aural equivalent of falling down a spiral staircase, grinning as you go.

The Pineapple Chunks and Brown Brogues

Experimental indie with a progressive edge at this Song, by Toad gig.

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