Interview: DJ Sneak - set for Edinburgh's Telefunken

DJ Sneak talks to us about real, underground house, ahead of his appearance at Telefunken

The legendary DJ on 'real' underground house

DJ Sneak loves house music. In fact he’s kinda protective of the genre. ‘The word “house” has been murdered by the media and people like Swedish “blank” Mafia, which clearly know nothing about house music. Underground house will always keep the spirit of real house music alive, and as long as I live I will too. Hell, even after I’m gone my music will live forever.’

Sneak’s DJing pedigree is second to none, specialising in ‘real rough rugged underground house music from the source of it all, Chicago.’ He was one of the second wave of producers to come out of the Windy City, moving to Chicago as a teenager, his music flavoured by the Latin rhythms of his birth place, Puerto Rico, and directly influenced by the founding fathers Farley Jackmaster Funk, Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson. ‘There were no rules, no fame, no gimmicks. Just real people making beats and playing music from the heart,’ says Sneak. ‘These days things are much different and people are all about the fame in a mindless game.’

His disco filtered house sounds, smooth mix skills and tribal beats should easily fulfil his promise and deliver ‘whatever your little ears desire, I will come ready to make them booties shake and feet get tired from dancin’, I am the real deal, a true House Gangster.’

The Store, 220 2987, Fri 5 Aug, 10.30pm–5am, £12 in advance (more on the door).


Deep expansive house night.

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