Ryan Gosling has no more targets

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 July 2011
Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling no longer sets goals for himself as he is happy with the roles he has been offered since turning 30

Ryan Gosling stopped setting goals for himself when he turned 30.

The 'Blue Valentine' actor has grown more comfortable with the roles he is offered as he has gotten older so no longer thinks it is important to have a list of the things he wants to achieve.

He said: "Do I set goals for myself? Not really. I think now that I'm 30 I'm more comfortable. Maybe it's because I'm playing characters that are older, so it is easier to find good material. But I also have more control, I think."

Ryan can next be seen starring in 'Drive' and loved preparing for the movie - he even rebuilt the vintage Chevy he has in the film himself.

He added: "I did everything on it except the transmission.

"The stunt training was the best time ever. You show up at an abandoned church parking lot and there's a new Camaro and a new Mustang sitting there. You get in your car and you drive it until it won't drive anymore, until it's smoking or on fire.

"Then you get out and a tow truck takes it away."

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