Jane Horrocks prepared for Trollied in Tesco

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  • 28 July 2011
Jane Horrocks in Trollied

Jane Horrocks

Jane Horrocks wasn't overawed by the huge imitation supermarket built for new comedy series 'Trollied' because she has appeared in so many commercials for Tesco

Jane Horrocks found it easy to slip into character for new supermarket-based comedy 'Trollied' because she has appeared in so many Tesco adverts.

The 47-year-old actress' co-star Jason Watkins was hugely impressed with the purpose built imitation store the cast shot scenes in but Jane - who plays Velco supermarket's acting deputy manager Julie in the Sky1 HD sitcom - wasn't fazed.

Jason said: "It's set in Bristol. It's really impressive for a set. You walk through a sort-of warehouse, massive space, then you go through a door and there is what looks just like Sainsburys. It's huge, it's got 10 aisles, and I get very excited. Go wild in the aisles.

"If you took somebody in blindfolded, and took the blindfold off in the middle of the supermarket and looked round - it's a supermarket, and I think that helped because it was just real and believable."

Jane added: "I've done a lot of Tesco ads. I was a bit more jaded about it than the other members of the staff although the art department did a fantastic job.

"The velcro logo which was attached to a lot of the products looked very, very real. It was incredibly believable but the art department did a superb job."

The comedy - which also stars 'This is England's Chanel Cresswell and Rita May from 'Coronation Street' has been written and directed by 'Shameless' creators Paul Walker and Julie Rutterford.

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