Matt Smith wishes he was as 'cool' as Doctor

Matt Smith wishes he was as ''cool'' as his 'Doctor Who' character because the Time Lord sets a ''benchmark'' for how people should live their lives

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Doctor Who star Matt Smith

Matt Smith as The Doctor

Matt Smith wants to be as "cool" as his The Doctor.

The 28-year-old actor plays the Time Lord in 'Doctor Who' and has described his alter-ego as a "benchmark" for how people should live their lives because he is an independent "maverick".

He said: "I wish I was as cool as him. As an actor, that's what you do. You spend time with a character in quite an interesting way, and to do it with a man like him, he's such a benchmark for everything, for how to live your life.

"He's such a maverick, and he always makes choices independently."

Matt - who became the Eleventh Doctor in 2010 following the departure of David Tennant from the TARDIS - hopes he will be regarded as the fans favourite Doctor in the future.

He added: "What's so wonderful about this show is that everyone has their Doctor.

"So hopefully in, like, 20 years' time, there'll be 25 year olds saying, 'Yeah, Matt Smith is my Doctor.' "

Matt is set to return to screens in the BBC One sci-fi series along with his co-stars Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) this autumn.


1. Spydee-Smith-Tennant9 Aug 2011, 12:33pm Report

Just want to comment on that last piece "...there'll be 25 year olds saying 'yeah Matt Smith is my Doctor'
Just saying ! But Matt , sweetz! I know people who have watched Doctor Who from the begining !&&They have literally said " of all Doctor's ! Matt Smith had portrayed a younger&&stronger feel to the Doctor!personally ! He's my Doctor!"..&&In 20Years or so! That'll be me ! But w more description!! My sister (who's absolutely in love w David Tennant) has been converted slightly ! Lol !
As much as iiLove David Tennant ! Yuo'll ALWAYS be MY Doctor ! No matter what ! (;
-Yours Truly
--Crystine P

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