Prince Abdi eliminated from Show Me The Funny

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  • 26 July 2011
Prince Abdi

Prince Abdi

Somalian-born former primary school teacher Prince Abdi became the second contestant to be eliminated from ITV1's 'Show Me The Funny' last night (25.07.11)

Prince Abdi became the second contestant to be eliminated from 'Show Me The Funny' last night (25.07.11).

The former primary school teacher turned comedian - who was once a semi-professional footballer - was given the boot from the ITV1 show by judges Kate Copstick and Alan Davies after his stand-up routine failed to impress 250 servicemen, which he describes as a "terrifying experience".

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It was terrifying. It was very very hard. The most difficult thing was opening the show and putting my new material out there. The squaddies weren't used to me and if you're bringing something completely new to them then it's always going to be awkward.

"When it misses, it misses in a big way and it's definitely hard to deal with. They're all looking at you thinking, 'What's next?' I just wanted to cry.

"In stand-up anything can go wrong. You could be the man on the stage making everyone laugh and then one heckle could make you nose-dive. Some of the material I used just probably wasn't quite right."

Despite guest judge Bob Mortimer describing the Somalian-born funnyman's act as "nervous" and "irritating", Prince insists he isn't bothered because he doesn't rate the 'Shooting Stars' comedian's work either.

He added: "That was his personal opinion and comedy is subjective. I might not be his cup of tea but I'm not the biggest Bob Mortimer fan myself.

"I took the criticism on board and it was a learning curve for me."

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