Fiona Phillips terrified of developing Alzheimer's disease

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 July 2011
Fiona Phillips

Fiona Phillips

Former 'GMTV' star Fiona Phillips is terrified she will develop Alzheimer's like both her parents and worries she is already showing the first signs of the degenerative disease

Fiona Phillips is terrified she will develop Alzheimer's like both her parents.

The former 'GMTV' host - whose mum died from the disease in 2006, while her father now suffers from it - says she worries "every single day" she will get the degenerative illness and lives in a state of paranoia.

She said: "It's a cloud hanging over me. I lose things every day - my wedding ring a few weeks ago. I'm always losing keys.

"Each time I think, 'Oh my God, am I going down the same route?' I am thinking about what I'm doing in case it's the first signs of the disease."

Fiona - who has two children, Nathaniel, 12, and nine-year-old Mackenzie, with husband Martin Frizell - admits she will always feel guilty with how she reacted when she found out her mother had the condition.

She added to Wales on Sunday newspaper: "The guilt will be with me forever. I feel guilt that I didn't give up everything and look after her.

"But in reality you can't do that. I had a new baby to look after, I had a family in London. But I felt guilty having my children - emotionally that was such a huge drain."

However, she says the experience has made it easier to cope with her father getting the illness.

Fiona explained: "I've moved dad a bit closer to me so it's been easier this time. He has carers coming in three times a day, and I'm down a lot to visit.

"I would have loved to have him living with us. But he gets out and wanders around sometimes - if he did that in London he would be killed."